Falling in Love with Your Home

February 1, 2022

How do you feel about your home? Do you love it? Hate it? A love-hate relationship? Maybe you are hoping to break up with your home soon, in search of a new love? (if so, ahem, contact us!) But you don’t have to wait until you buy a new home… we have a few tips on how to love where you live now.

But first: You know what they say about love…. it’s a verb! That means that love isn’t just something you happen feel about your home; love is something you can actively do.

Remember what you already love about your home

What made you fall in love with your home in the first place? What has it provided you over the years? What are some great memories you’ve made there? Keep those things in mind as you also think through other ways to show your home some love

Think of an area of your home that you love – what makes you love it? Is it organized? Decorated well? Does it have great lighting? Do you use this area for enjoyable activities? When you figure out what those things are–feel the love!–but also find ways to replicate those same aspects in other parts of the house.

Do the Little Things

Just like with the people we love, it’s the little things that matter–in your home that may just mean making your bed, touching up some scuff marks, wiping down the baseboards, getting a few plants, lighting candles, greasing up the creaky cabinet door…

Put things in order (psst… you’re better at this than you think)

Do you feel like you’re bad at organizing? Think of a place in your house that is organized–even if it’s just the cabinet where you keep your plates and bowls. Question: Why is your dish cabinet always so organized? Answer: because you know where everything goes in there, and the items get put back in the right place every time! See there, you are capable of being organized!! When an area of your home tends to get messy/cluttered, it typically just means that you haven’t figured out where everything goes in that area, so things don’t get put back in the right place. Just remind yourself that you know how to keep your kitchen cabinets organized and then remember that it’s possible to do that in other spaces of your home.

Remove what you aren’t using

When you are tempted to hold on to old or unused items “just in case”, remember: your home is not a storage unit. Clear away what you don’t need and you’ll find it easier to feel the love!

Open up your home

Use your home as a gathering place for friends and family, and you’ll find that it gets filled with love. You don’t have to wait until you’ve done every remodeling/updating/decorating/organizing project. Just give it a good tidy and a bit of shine, then invite people over and feel the love!

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I learned the hard way…

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📍$769,900 in DAMASCUS, OREGON listed by RRG agent @heatherallredjones.

4 bedrooms + Office | 3 bathrooms | 3,011 square feet

-Custom built with open floor plan
-Abundant windows with stunning views
-Primary suite on main floor
-Spacious kitchen
-Large crawl space with possible ADU opportunity

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