The time you spend preparing your house for photos will result in an outstanding
online presence when your home goes LIVE on the market.
Be sure it is ready as outlined below before the photographer arrives

Clean and Tidy Up

Your home should be clean on photo day. Floors should be swept and vacuumed. The kitchen and bathrooms should be clean. Surfaces should be dusted and glass, mirrors and windows should be sparkling. Beds should be made and couch pillow/throws straightened.
Outside areas should also be swept and tidied (put toys away, clean up yard, weed, mow, etc.).
Please move your trash bins into the garage so that they are not in front of the house on photo day.T7

Tuck Away Clutter

Take the time to go through each room and put away anything that might look like clutter inphotos. Each room should be free of personal items and other everyday living items.
Shoes, jackets, newspapers, toys, garbage cans, throw rugs, hampers, phone chargers, bills, backpacks, dog food, tissue boxes, appliances, remotes, papers, and other similar things should all be tucked away for the photo session. The goal is to have it look tidy and inviting. Decluttering will greatly improve the quality of your photos and how your home will appear to potential buyers.

Clear Surfaces

Along with clutter, all surfaces (kitchen and bathroom countertops, showers, desks, dressers, workbenches, side tables, nightstands, etc.) should be cleared off and left with only few decorative items. Bathroom counters should be clear of bottles, toothbrush holders, soap and other miscellaneous items. Kitchen countertops should be cleared of all but a few decorative items, nice appliances. Desks, dining tables, side tables, dressers and nightstands should be cleared of all but a few items (centerpiece, laptop, lamp, a few books, alarm clock, plant, etc.).

During Your Photo Appointment

It is much easier if the homeowners are not home during the appointment to allow the photographer to move freely from room to room. If you have children or pets it is especially helpful to make arrangements to be somewhere else during the appointment.