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It’s #givingtuesday a national day that encourages giving back. Here are three ideas:

•Deliver non-perishable food to a local food pantry. West Linn Food Pantry is a great, local non-profit that provides food boxes for families in the #WestLinn and #LakeOswego areas. #westlinnfoodpantry

• Donate toys to a children’s hospital. Call first to see what they need and accept.

• Make or buy blankets and deliver them to a hospital or homeless shelter.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill 💚

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❓for YOU: What do you wish you had known your first time buying a home?

I'm reworking some of my materials and would love your perspective on buyer experience.

Anything you wish you understood going in, or that someone could have explained better? Things you wish you did differently?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Photo: @rubyandpeachphoto 🤩

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Today, I’m thankful for YOU! Thanks for being here and for your love and support in real life and online.

Happy Thanksgiving! 💚

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Today I’m grateful for nature. This planet is spectacular! ❄️☀️🌎🌲

I love nothing more than being outside and adventuring. The mountains are calling...and I must go (to Sandy for a Joe’s maple bar, then wait through traffic and eventually arrive) snowboarding. #priorities🍩 #givethanks

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I’m so thankful for my team! 💥

Left to right ->

Ivana is my Transaction Coordinator who never lets anything, (not even the tiniest thing!) fall through the cracks.🙌🏼

Tamie, my business partner and momma. 💖

Ashli, production specialist, keeps our listings up to date and looking great wherever they may be online, plus so much more. She has an eye for details, thankfully! ⭐️

Karrie, my boots on the ground co-list with the biggest heart and best work ethic. 💪🏼

Stephanie, our operations manager. If Marie Kondo and Einstein had a baby that would be Stephanie! 🤩

I love these women and appreciate all they do for me and RRG.💚

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Today I’m so thankful for a body that makes it possible to work, play, run, dance, and hike! My health is something I will never take for granted- it’s a precious gift. 🙌🏼 ...

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I’m so thankful for my parents. They are great examples, the best grandparents, and the most fun next door neighbors! 💚 ...

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I’ve loved using a daily gratitude journal for years and I can attest to the difference a consistent gratitude practice can make. I’m going to be sharing one thing a day that I’m grateful for here on social media to lead up to Thanksgiving.💚

Today, I’m grateful for this guy @4mconstruction He’s the very best hubby, dad, friend, contractor, and jokester and he has a heart of gold. Just don’t play country music on his boat, that’s all he asks. 🤣

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A year ago I put a reminder in my calendar to share this video again. Little did I know how different the world would be this year and how watching it would bring a tear to my eye. 😢

I miss people and hugs and seeing kids play together, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the absolute beauty of West Linn this time of year.

I hope watching this video brings you a smile. Click the link in my profile to watch the whole thing. Consider it a virtual hug from me to you. 💚

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Don’t forget to gather coats this weekend to bring to our Coats & Crumbl event on Monday! We can’t wait to see you! 🧥🍪

•Socially distanced drive by and drop off event
•Collecting new and gently used coats, jackets, and hoodies to benefit Northwest Children’s Outreach
•Monday, Nov. 16th from 3-5pm
•Ruidoso Ct. cul-de-sac in West Linn

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Just a little over 2 weeks to Thanksgiving, and if you ask me it can't come soon enough.

I always look forward to taking the time to slow down, count my blessings, and give thanks.

This year it feels even more essential to reflect on all that is good, even during turbulent times. There is SO much that I’m thankful for.

And I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about the pie! 🥧

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I’m so excited to announce our COAT DRIVE to benefit Northwest Children’s Outreach.

A quote from Janet at NCO: “We seldom receive the number of winter jackets needed to give to children all winter.”

💔 We want to help!

• COATS - new or gently used
• Monday Nov. 16th 3-5pm
• Ruidoso Ct. cul de sac in West Linn
• Drive up and drop off at the RRG tent-we’ll have a table for your donation

Oh, and did I mention cookies? Come for the coats, leave with a @crumblcookies cookie. 🍪😍

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It’s National Play Outside Day and I for one can’t wait to spend some time doing just that! I feel like we could all use it right about now. 😅🤯

Does anyone recognize this view? Can you guess where in Lake Oswego this photo was taken?

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I’m grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom and privilege to vote. The price of this sacred freedom 🇺🇸was paid by many brave men and women before us.

Let us show our gratitude for their sacrifices by voting! 🗳

Also, please please please let us all remember to be kind and thoughtful to others, no matter how they vote. 🙏🏻💚

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Happy Halloween! Let’s find you a house that you can grow old in! 😉


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Have you watched Dream Home Makeover on Netflix? This show is right up my alley! @studiomcgee knocked it out of the park! 🙌🏼 ...

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Thinking of selling? Here are three quick tips for prepping your home so that you can get top dollar:

1. Declutter. Get rid of half your stuff (put it in a storage unit or pod) and organize what’s left. Having less clutter makes your home seem larger and makes storage spaces seem bigger...buyers are always looking at how much storage a home has.

2. Clean. Buyers will look in every nook and cranny. Wash baseboards, dust light fixtures, and wipe the walls. Hire someone to do this for you if you must. It will be worth every penny and will help sell your home.

3. Get the exterior in tip-top shape. Pull weeds, mow the lawn, clean the porch, and add a wreath to the door. Make it feel welcoming from the moment they first lay eyes on it!

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Local friends! Have you tried the Italian Almond Cake from @zupansmarkets ? It’s one of my favorite splurges.😍I like to serve it with berries...such a treat!

#zupans #lakeoswego #letthemeatcake #cakeforbrunch

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@shellybrown77 is headed home after a wonderful 4 days here in PDX. Shelly is RRG’s Marketing Specialist, I am so grateful for her incredible talents, listening ear, fun and happy personality, and ability to make ANYTHING look amazing! Shelly works virtually from Sandy, Utah and flew in town the last 4 days to crank out a lot of work. She and @stephmstew created 2021’s marketing campaigns, refreshed our marketing collateral, and brought lots of fun and laughs to our team.
Being in the same room with these two when they are “in flow” talking marketing, planning, and social media is a sight to see.
I feel so blessed to be able to work with such incredible and stellar women 💚🙏🏻 at RRG.
My heart literally breaks every single time I say goodbye to Shelly, we’ve been kindred spirits ever since my brother, Heath, fell in love with her 25 years ago.
Until the next time I see you again I’ll hold a place in my heart and a space in my home 🏡 for you 😘.

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Meet Marie! She is almost 90 years young and my new buddy. My mom and Marie were in a book club together 30 years ago, and now I’m helping her son and his wife move to Lake Oswego, from LA. 🌴->🌲

During the home inspection for her son, I had the great privilege of visiting with Marie. Oh the words of wisdom and witty remarks she shared made my day!

On raising children: “love them unconditionally and always greet them with open arms.”

On marriage: “love them unconditionally and always greet them with open arms.”

On treasured friendships: “love them unconditionally and always greet them with open arms.”

I’m pretty sure you can see the theme here! I 🙋🏼‍♀️absolutely subscribe to her philosophy. 💚

#leadwithlove #openarms

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🎃 Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet?

Here are some fun ones to check out:

• @leefarms
• @fialafarms
• @frogpondfarmoregon
• Historic Kirchem Farm in Oregon City
• @rysersfarm
• @redberrybarn

Who am I missing? Tag or tell us your favorite below! 👇🏻

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You know I love a good fall porch setup and @kelleynan took it to the next level! ✨ Adding twinkle lights makes everything more magical. ...

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