Spring has sprung, let the SRING CLEANING begin! We asked our Operations Manager Extraordinaire (a professional organizer) to share a bit of wisdom, and boy did she deliver!

Top Ten Tips to Keep Your House in Order

by Stephanie Stewart

  1. Don’t keep stuff you don’t need or use – get rid of stuff and you’ll be halfway there
  1. Give everything you own a “home” (a very specific storage spot)
    – This is your key to clutter control
    – Use a box, drawer, jar, closet, shelf, room, corner, basket, etc.
    – e.g., batteries, cameras, keys, cell phone, purse, gift cards, coins, scissors, homework, library books, backpacks, chargers, magazines, mail
    – You should be able to tidy up your home just by putting everything away
  1. Store things where you use them – don’t walk elsewhere to get it and then take it back
    – Watch and see if you go get something elsewhere to bring back and use it where you were 
    – e.g., tools, shoes, kids art stuff, tape, cups, wrapping paper, hairbrushes, broom, medicines, envelopes
  1. Create work areas – designate clearly defined work areas and store appropriate things there
    – Specific areas for doing specific things (work zones)
    – e.g., baking center, knives and cutting, bill paying, wrapping, homework
    – Things should be stored there and used there
  1. Make Things Easy To Put Away – make things easier to put away then to leave out
    – If you have to open, move or take something else out – it create steps and you won’t do it
    – Don’t stack or stuff
    – Hooks vs. hangers (coats, towels, backpacks), take lids off bins, don’t stack items or put things behind
  1. Containerize – loose items become unorganized and cluttered
    – Use bins, baskets, or boxes to contain loose, bagged, or small items
    – Use containers in drawers and on shelves, and label them
    – e.g., medicine bottles, kids toys/games, bathroom stuff, kitchen drawers, garage tools, pantry
  2. Identify clutter spots and eliminate them
    – Notice areas that are dumping grounds and devise storage solutions in that area for those things
    – e.g., backpacks, shoes, papers, dirty clothes, paper
  1. Use space and storage creatively — think out of the box & look for wasted space
    – Use walls and doors, divide shelves in half
    – Use something devised for something else for something totally different
  1. Fine Tune the Flow of  Stuff – set up organized systems for dishes, laundry, papers, chores
    – Use the “factory philosophy”  — more work, less time, fast and efficient
    – Think like the pros – save yourself time and extra effort
  1. Pickup every day – maintain the order