Thinking about selling your home?  Or maybe you’re just thinking about thinking about selling?

If you are considering selling but aren’t quite ready to engage with a real estate broker, there are things you can start doing to get prepared. 

And even if you don’t decide to sell, most of these things are things that will improve your quality of life as well!


Less is more–the less you have in a home the more you can get for it, so start paring down now.

Make it a mission to declutter. Go through every room in your house and identify things that you don’t need.

Make three piles:

  • Donate
  • Dump
  • Sell

Do this in every single room, including closets, cupboards, nooks and crannies. Pare down as much as possible–the less you have in a home, the more spacious, orderly, organized it feels.


Make a list of anything that needs to be fixed and start plugging away at it.

 Think through every part of the house and list all repairs you can think of–a light that isn’t working, a wall that needs a drywall patch, etc.

Once you have your punch-list or honey-do list, you can start working away at it on weekends, etc.  If there are repairs you don’t know how to do, enlist some help! (psst… your real estate agent is a great resource for finding contractors!)

Deep Clean

Let’s talk about baseboards. People love clean finish work and baseboards.

Go through and do a really good scrubbing of every room–remember the blinds, light fixtures, appliances, walls, and of course the baseboards.

Don’t forget the home’s exterior as well–get rid of built-up dirt as well as cobwebs, insect nests, etc.


A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to increase value and appeal to more buyers.

Paint is a cheap way to update a home. Neutralizing the home is very important. If you have loud, vibrant colors, go through and start neutralizing.


Whether you have finished everything on this list or are just thinking about getting started on it all, it is never too early to contact your agent!  We can give you feedback and support on some of these decisions, whether it’s time to go forward with selling or not!