Does your home feel like a haven? What even is a haven?

Definition of Haven:

  1. Harbor, Port

  2. A place of safety; Refuge

  3. A place offering favorable opportunities or conditions

While we can’t deny that it is the actions inside a home that truly make it a haven, it also stands to reason that the state of your home affects its ability to serve as a haven–a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions. We can think of it as a combination of the love inside your home as well as the love you give to your home.

Caring for your home on the inside and out will pay dividends not only in terms of its financial value, but in its ability to serve as a haven for you and everyone in it.

Show Your Home Some Love! A few ideas on giving your home some love without breaking the bank:

Maintain your yard
Whether it is an elaborate landscape or a simple patch of grass, keeping your yard trimmed well will add to its appeal. Boost your yard maintenance by rotating in fresh woodchips, planting some flowers, or adding trimming/edging to your mowing routine.

Keep your home clear of clutter
A clutter-free home invites a feeling of peace and serenity. See our tips on clutter control and organization

Don’t underestimate the power of paint
In terms of return-on-investment, you can beat a fresh coat of paint, whether in the same or a new color

Be intentional about furniture placement
There is nothing worse than staging a home to put it on the market and wishing you had been living in that layout all along. Consider ways to simplify your furniture layout and decor. Use a floorplanning app to help try out different layouts.

Fix it Fast!
Be quick and vigilant about making home repairs. If your honey-do list is never honey-done, identify the cause of the delay. Is the repair too difficult or you don’t know how to get started? Enlist the help of a friend, a hardware store employee, or even a handyman to help you get going

While nothing can compare with loving actions that take place inside a home, giving your home a little love can only enhance the haven that it is.