Kelly Bradley

Licensed Oregon Real Estate Agent

Be at home as your own true self

Kelly’s path to real estate has been a journey of self-discovery. With degrees in psychology and physical therapy, her passion and calling has always been to help people find healing. She has enjoyed teaching wellness classes and workshops, and often found herself in people’s homes, helping them clean, curate and cultivate a home that makes them feel safe, calm, and at ease. This naturally led to further work in interior design and then real estate.

Seeking authentic connection with others, Kelly is an excellent listener–she loves to hear people’s stories. Her friends and clients often state that they “need a dose of Kelly”.  She  is adept at understanding complex issues then creating and implementing holistic solutions. Helping people find and love their homes is an important step in creating a space where they can make meaning and connection. 

Kelly’s goal is to take the stress out of the real estate transaction. “I enjoy enabling and reminding people to appreciate the gift of being able to purchase a home–this amazing asset that will help them live their best life.” Being a trusted advisor is something that Kelly does not take lightly. Her associates and clients recognize her ability to understand their needs, seeing opportunities and helping them create and realize their goals. She is a connector and is gratified to bring people together with vendors and others who help them problem solve and achieve their desires.

Kelly is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and Probate Specialist, and has taken specialist courses in foreclosure. She is constantly seeking educational opportunities, and especially enjoyed the Psychologie of Home Interior Design certification. The more she studies about real estate, the more she appreciates its power to cultivate generational wealth. A natural teacher, her goal is to help others grasp the potential and gain this security. 

Born and raised on the East Coast, Kelly has spent the last decade living in and falling in love with West Linn. A nature lover cannot find a better place to be! She is a member of the West Linn Chamber of Commerce. An avid traveler, Kelly has enjoyed time in London, Belgium, Amsterdam, Mexico, and Costa Rica. One of her most life-changing experiences abroad was her marriage which took place on Turks and Caicos Islands. 

She and her husband enjoy a busy life with two teenage boys. She loves cultivating a warm cozy safe home for her family, but they also keep busy with travel soccer and their dogs. Kelly has a passion for dog rescue and volunteers for Project Pooch. While her greatest love is personal development work, she also enjoys sketching, dance, and salt water swimming. She loves cooking and connecting over a good meal and wine.