Do you have a resolution to get your house organized?  Is your goal specific (think SMART) or is it just a vague “I’m finally going to get my house in order”?

Words matter! Let’s look at some terminology that relates to home organization goals:

Does your resolution relate to a One-Time Project OR are you trying to establish Habits & Routines?

One-time project goal examples

  • Install a workbench and tool wall
  • Set up a sewing room

Habits & Routines goal examples

  • Make the bed every morning before breakfast
  • Start the dishwasher every night before going to bed

Is your goal/task about Cleaning OR Organizing?

Cleaning goal examples

  • Teach the kids to scrub the bathrooms
  • Pressure wash the fence

Organizing goal examples

  • Sort through and scan childhood papers and photos
  • Organize game closet 

Other helpful terms

Determine which concepts below apply to the home areas and habits you’re working on.  You may find that some problem areas in your home are caused by having too much stuff, while other areas are set up just fine, and just need to be tidied regularly

  • Declutter: In a disordered or messy area, decide whether the the items belong, determine where they go, then do it
  • Purge: Remove unneeded/unwanted items – discard or donate
  • Assign a home: Decide where to consistently store an item or group of items (dedicate a bin or drawer to extra batteries)
  • Tidy: Put items where they belong (clearing off the kitchen counter after meal prep; putting shoes or backpacks up on their hooks, making a bed)
  • Clean: Sanitize surfaces or items (scrubbing, mopping, laundering)

Whatever your home organization goals are, putting them into words will make a big difference!